It's time to revisit one of my favorite rants.  If you would like the primer for today's post, quickly check out Summertime Snafu from two years ago.
It really should be required reading for all modest dressers.
Done reading? Let's discuss.

When you make the decision to dress modestly you MUST come to grips with the fact that there are certain things you can NOT wear.  Attempting to modify any and all apparel will NOT result in flattering, good-looking outfits.

Case in point...

This display has been driving me bonkers ever since it hit our Costco. 
Please analyze it while I go bash my head against the wall.

Mr. Darcy has repeatedly had to hold me back from climbing up, ripping it down, and running around the store screaming, "THIS IS NOT ATTRACTIVE! If you attempt to wear this to a dressy function, people with a sense of style and half a brain will wonder what is wrong with you!"
Do I think there is a place in this world for coverage tees?  ABSOLUTELY!
Do I own a mod bod tee? Yep! And a Shade tee and a couple others.
Are there right and wrong ways to wear these tees? WITHOUT QUESTION!

And baby, that ain't it up there.
Nor down here.
This one annoys me less but only slightly so.  It's the casual vs dressy thing. 
Casual-layering gone wrong is easier on the eyes than dressy-layering gone so very wrong. 

The basic fact of the matter is that the silky vest should not have been an option. Or if she was absolutely set on wearing it, a jacket/sweater/blazer should have been added to cover the arms.  The third layer would have demoted it from a first-degree murder of style to involuntary manslaughter.

In order to look our very best, we modest dressers need to come to grips with the fact that spaghetti straps, deep cleavage, and sleeveless/strapless/backless items are no longer  options.  And that's ok!! I do not understand why there is such a war to incorporate these clothes into a modest wardrobe. At least in this unattractive way. 
I have some sleeveless tank-style tops/dresses that I like, but they ALWAYS go under a jacket or cardigan. They are the base layers, never the outer layers.  

When coverage tees first hit the streets the marketing was very logical.  The ads featured women wearing the tees to help cover the midsection when a shirt might rise up too high when the arms were lifted.  Or under a slightly too-sheer shirt/dress.  Or to fill in gaping underarms.  The key? The coverage tee was never the focus of the outfit.

It doesn't surprise me that these companies are trying to evolve their product into more of a center piece but a line needs to be drawn. For the sake of all things stylish, a line must be drawn by each woman in her own wardrobe. If you need some motivation, how about the threat of me and my phone camera finding you and featuring you as a What Not To Wear? I'm on a crusade, people.  It has to stop.
He is delightful.  He is darling.  He's about what my husband will look like in 15 years. 
He will ever be Mr. Darcy to me.  Colin Firth and his gorgeous Italian wife Livia are your mid-week eye candy.  Enjoy.
If her dress is backless, don't tell me!  It's such a gorgeous color and they look so charming together I am determined to see this dress as nothing but glamorous, modest and fabulous.  With the phenomenal success of The King's Speech they've been hitting the red carpet pretty heavy.  Much to my delight.
This photo is from last year and her neckline is a titch too low for me, but check out her shoes! (if you can look away from Firth)  The print is different scale which is really interesting.  I love unique shoes. 
Handsome and brooding even when done up a little kooky by W magazine. 
Love the tie!
So many stars look idiotic in their "I got my walk of fame star" pictures, crouching over the ground.  Not Mr. Firth.  Is this the epitome of casual cool or what?
(I get this same look from my husband quite often. Makes my knees wobble.)

I love movies but I'm not a religious Oscar watcher.  I like the fashions but many times I'm incredulously wondering how the stupid movie that's winning everything ever got funding in the first place.  Not this year.  This year I'll be watching.  Because The King's Speech is a fantastic film and if Darcy doesn't win the Oscar I will personally lead the revolt.  
I apologize for being MIA the last couple weeks. 
Much has been happening at Chez Frump Fighter.  Busy, busy, busy!

A friend and I went to The Pioneer Woman's book signing for her adorable new novel "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels."  It's a happy book.  Get it and enjoy.

All my pictures turned out blurry! So bummed.


Mr. Darcy's Valentine's Day gift was an event.  I kept it a secret until we were on our way to The Vienna Ball!
We had a delightful evening and are now intent on taking waltz lessons. Knowing how would have made the night even more fun, as you can see by all the couples behind us who really knew what they were doing.

We'll talk more about my new super cute cocktail dress in a follow-up post. My fantastic up-do (that you can barely see in this busy photo) is courtesy of my stylist extraordinaire - Oscar. Who we'll also talk more about soon.

And for the point of today's post.  I've been noticing that everyone, including myself, is more than ready for the winter weather to subside.  Folks keep pulling out lighter clothes but then freezing their butts off once they get out of the house. 
So while we're still powering through the final weeks of winter, here's a little challenge to refresh your winter wardrobe.

Pick three items in your closet and pair them with 3 other items you’ve never worn them with. 

While changing accessories can completely change a look – for this challenge, they don’t count. A fresh look at your accessories will happen after you’ve paired the pieces with other tops or bottoms as applicable.  Here are some suggestions to get you started: 
1. a pencil skirt paired with a fancy, fitted t-shirt and cardigan (instead of its matching jacket)
2.  khakis, ankle boots and a trench coat over a thin sweater & blouse (instead of the dark jeans and chunky knits you might have been resorting to)
3. a pale colored sheath dress you normally never wear in winter paired with dark tights, boots (knee or ankle) and coordinating cardigan or jacket. (the dark tights and "heavier" footwear will ground the look and keep you from freezing) 

If you find yourself struggling to find 3 new items for the pairing, try my Walk Your Wardrobe trick.  I discuss it here.

I'd love to see and share any photos of your revamped outfits. So send them on in! Together, we can make it to sandal weather.