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As the mercury rises - so do our hemlines.  Shorts, skirts, capris, etc. 
Today, I'd like to get your thoughts on Jean Shorts.
They were big when I was in high-school, went out of vogue for a while, but with the recent denim rage, are everywhere to be found in all sorts of styles. 
So what are your thoughts?
As we continue to translate the Spring 2010 Trends - we have a yay and two nays today.
Armani Exchange

Thumbs up? Silky print blouses!

I'm actually not certain why style sources are calling this a trend.  Beautiful, silky blouses are never out.  I guess the trend factor is in the fluid, "flowy" cut and the prints.


If you don't have a top or two like this in your closet, I would definitely invest!  They're feminine, figure-forgiving, can be dressed up or down, and worn in any season (a bright silky top under a winter jacket is a great combo!)


Choose a print that suits your style.  Doesn't have to be bright flowers.  And remember that "flowing" does not mean "drowning."  The top should fit you well in the shoulders and skim your body, not flap around you like a tent.


Behnaz Sarafpour

Thumbs down #1? Sheer Panels.

Tricky for anyone to wear, extremely problematic for modest dressers, and certain to be only a flash in the pan every once in a while.

I've actually seen some interesting pieces that featured sheer sections over contrasting colors.  And I love the look of black lace over a nude foundation.  But this is not the trend that's been trotted out.  It's truly sheer panels showing skin underneath.

Jill Stuart

It's fine on a bathing suit, which this top looks like, but otherwise, why bother investing when you have to put something underneath it?.


Thumbs down #2?  Exposed shoulders.

As with the sheer blouses I see no point in calling this a trend, it's a constant in today's world, but it seems the one-shoulder thing is all the rage.  (And it's far more elegant than the slit and slashed shoulders we saw last fall.) 
I actually love the Grecian look of one exposed shoulder and will soon hunt-down a lovely maillot bathing suit in this style.  But as far as clothing goes, this is obviously not a look that most modest dressers will be able to make work on a regular basis, so it's not investment worthy.  And I will take this opportunity to remind you that this look does NOT work over a fitted t-shirt as discussed here last summer.

One year ago today I hit "Publish Live" on my very first blog post. 
My how time flies!  This has been one of the most enjoyable hobbies I've ever had.  I love researching and writing these posts.  I am excited every time I see that there are new comments (more on that later).  I love the wonderful, interesting people I've "met" and interacted with.  I get a thrill every time someone submits a question to "Ask Image Interpreters.
It's become the fun outlet I was hoping it would be when I started. 
So thanks for a fantastic first year!

In celebration, I am posting myself my favorite flowers.  Orchids and Peonies.
And these Brian Atwood beauties are winging their way to me as we speak.
(I love theOutnet!)
In reality - they're my reward for losing 20 lbs. But that victory happens to coincide with the first anniversary, so it's a doubly-good reason to buy such delicious shoes!

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My curiosity was piqued when I saw this photo in my InStyle magazine. 
And I mean piqued big time!
I liked the funky "lacing" on the Chanel stockings but the dress instantly spoke to me.  I liked everything about it and, unless the thing is backless, it is a very modest dress from a high-end designer, which doesn't happen too often.  Truly. 
The designer was naturally credited in the magazine and so I hit the net to hunt her down. Along with Nannette Lepore, this Sophie Theallet may just be my new favorite designer for my romantic girly side.  Here's the 411 compiled from her website, the wiki, and Style.com...
Born in the South of France, (living in the US), Sophie Thealletfell in love with fashion when she discovered Vivienne Westwood and the punk fashion scene in London in her early teens. At 18 she attended Le Studio Bercot in Paris, from which she graduated one year earlier after winning the National Young Designer Award. She was then commissioned to designed a collection for the prestigious department store le Printemps in Paris. She worked with  Jean-Paul Gaultier where she learned and discovered the basis of creating coherent collections and the audacity of Fashion ideas and statements. A few years later, she moved on to Azzedine Alaia where she would come to truly mature has a designer. During her 10 years as Alaia's right-hand women, she was fully immersed in the world of haute couture. She worked on the main collections, accessories, and knitwear, learning directly from the couturier. In the Spring of 2006 she launched her Sophie Theallet label in NY, which was immediately recognized by the Fashion insiders and is now sold in the best specialty stores in the USA and Europe.  Sophie recently won the big CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund purse!
So let's take a look at my favorite looks so far.
This dress, naturally, that I somehow must have in my life.  Different color from the blush pink SJP wore above.  I like the pink.
So summery!!  And still modest.
That deep neckline would need a cami but who cares!
Unexpected colors done in a reserved way.  Nice.  I'm in love with all these elbow-length sleeves and knee-length hemlines.
Another cami needed but I love the bronze and dark, shimmery gray.
The long dangling ties are fun! Perfect sleeves and hem length!
Simple and so wearable!
Love it!!  I know exactly the necklace and earrings I would wear with this!
Muted pink and green.  Soft and lovely.
Begs to be worn while dancing!  Even if only in the kitchen.
Triple tiered skirt takes a wrap dress up notch.  Love it and love the wide waist tie.
Column dresses are so often sleeveless this was very refreshing to see. 
Hoping it's not backless!