The fabulous Imogen Lamport bestowed the Sugar Doll Blogger Award on me! I've learned so much from Imogen. She's an image consultant in Australia and writes a wonderful blog, Inside Out Style, that appeals to the analytical side of my brain as well as the style lover in me.  It discusses the science behind why certain fashions, styles, colors, etc. flatter us and work for us while others don't.  Go give it a look see.  It's worth following!  

As a recipient, I must acknowledge the giver (done above), divulge 10 aspects of my life and/or personality, then pass the award onto 15 blogs I love.  It's never an easy task for me to compile a list of personal insights so here goes nothin'.
  1. I'm stealing this first one from Imogen because when I read it I said, "Me too!" I love shopping for others and helping them build great wardrobes, but when it's something for me, I prefer to shop alone.
  2. I believe in better living through chemistry.  The angels sang when Afrin was invented.  (I suffered greatly from allergies as a child and wish this had been in my life then.)  I’d like to condemn the druggies to an eternity of endless torment for making it impossible for me to get pseudafed and children’s medications and anything that ACTUALLY HELPS over the counter any more.  No, medicated rub’s don’t do a darn thing to help a congested miserable baby.
  3. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a teenager.  And I hate it.
  4. My husband and I still romance each other.  And I love it.
  5. Sometimes, when it’s been a really rough “mommy week”, I give myself quiet time in my closet.  I pull out all my favorite heels, arrange them in front of me on the closet floor and put them all on, happily showcasing them for a minute and imagining them with different outfits.  Just to give them some foot time and remind myself what it’s like to wear fancy clothes instead of baby gunk covered clothes.
  6. I have a large brown spot it one eye.  Husband and others think it’s cool and unique.  I would love it if my ophthalmologist father could invent a way to make it disappear.
  7. I am the oldest of 5 children and the first grandchild on my father’s side.  When I’m feeling particularly funny and sassy, I remind my siblings and cousins that they’re just reruns.  And the sequel is never as good as the original.
  8. I named this site Image Interpreters because style goes so far beyond what you actually are wearing.  Yes, my main target is those women who dress modestly, and helping them interpret the various design images the fashion world presents. (Get it?) But I think all women should dress modestly and carry themselves stylishly, so the blog and site tackle the never-ending range of relevant topics.
  9. One of my favorite institute professors in college had 9 kids, all with names beginning with J.  When their last one showed up, they named her Jesslyn.  Even called my parents to ask (since I was serving a mission in Germany at the time). The other 8 kids are fairly reserved and quiet, like their parents.  Lil' Jesslyn is just like me.  First met her when she was about 5, when I happened to work in their doctor's office.  She had worn a super fancy twirly skirt and was happily dancing in the waiting room.  That's my girl!
  10. I've decided silk pillowcases are a necessity, not a luxury, and must procure some soon.  I sleep mostly on my left side... and my face is beginning to broadcast that it's my preferred sleeping side and I'm hoping silk pillowcases will help.

As for passing on the award, I know that for some of the blogs I follow, this little award from me would be a mere drop in their buckets of awards.  For others, like Karen at Of A Certain Age, she was also awarded by Imogen.  So I'm passing it on to a few you may not know and should.
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The lovely and inspiring Imogen Lamport from Inside Out Style (find her here and on the Image Inspiration page.  You will learn so much from her!) awarded this to the fashion blogs she follows, of which yours truly is honored to be one!  I am to reveal "5 Fashion Facts We Didn't Know Before."  So here goes!

  1. Like Imogen, I also wore tons of hand-me-downs but thankfully not from any brothers.  I was the firstborn for my parents and first grandchild on my Dad's side as well.  His youngest sister is only 4 years older than me, so I had TONS of clothes from her.  I remember some gems - a pair of 70's clunky sandals with wheels that popped out of the bottom. So fun.  My parents had 3 girls in 3 years so my Mom also did a lot of sewing.  You ain't seen nothin' till you've seen three little girls in matching quilted bell jumper dresses!  Contrary to what image that description might bring to mind, we were super cute!
  2. At 13 I cut off and sold almost 3 feet of hair.  I'd had it long my whole life and would have a conniption if my Mom trimmed more than a tiny inch.  For as long as I could remember it had been down to my derriere or longer.  She'd braid or put curlers in it the night before church or the first day of school and I'd have MILES of thick curls.  Random people would come up to us in public and ask to touch my hair.  That part bugged me.  And then we moved to Arizona.  You want heavy?  Try all that hair soaked down in pool water.  My neck couldn't take it.  And in the summer my hair acted like a furnace!  They didn't have Locks-of-Love back then but we found a salon that would buy the hair for wigs for cancer patients.  We chopped it up to my chin and my head felt so weird! My Mom cried.  I was ecstatic.  The salon was thrilled to have all that virgin hair.
  3. I spent nearly 2 years in Germany (served as a missionary for my church and went back for a study abroad program in college) and never figured out their obsession with magenta hair dye.  They do, however, have the COOLEST taste in glasses.  Look for the funkiest, most fabulous pair of eyeglasses - usually on a man - and you've found yourself a German tourist.  I love my Germans!  They're the best.  They also have the best winter hats.  I learned how to do scarves and hats in Germany.  And traveling Europe as much as I have really pounded home the lesson that a great wardrobe doesn't have to be a huge wardrobe. 
  4. I once used masking tape (the only thing I could find in the house I was staying at) to control a couple unflattering body bulges and look better in a bridesmaid dress.  Yeah, didn't work as intended.  And just FYI - something happens when sweat mixes with masking tape adhesive.  At first it causes the tape to unstick, as you would expect, but after a while, it reacts to bond the tape to your skin so thoroughly that you will lose said skin in your attempts to get the tape off. 
  5. My Dad picked out some of my best clothes.  What, you say?  A man, let alone your father, involved and interested in your style?  Yep.  As an eye surgeon, he sees tons of women - both stylish and non - in his office.  While I was growing up all that good and bad style he was observing translated into really good outfits for me.  And sales ladies would love it when he came to shop.  Not that he'd spend a ton of money.  He was frugal.  But he'd get them excited about joining his quest to find something great for his daughter.