Fashion Poetry.  Enjoy.
Just wishin' and hopin'
that necklines would work
sleeves would appear
hemlines would lengthen
and clothes weren't too sheer

People choose to live a modest lifestyle for many reasons.  Religion, upbringing, career dictates, age, personal taste.  As with any lifestyle choice, there's the possibility of a love/hate relationship with your decision.  We may love the message we're sending but hate that we can't wear certain styles.  Love that we rarely have to worry about looking trampy but hate that we're sometimes viewed as "out of touch." But today is a call to arms!  Are you going to waste time wishin' and hopin' that the clothes were designed differently - and not dress nicely until they are?  Or are you going to embrace the decision you've made and wear it loud and proud?  Never give up!  Never surrender! 

Choosing modest clothes isn't usually an issue for many of us.

Until you see clothes like this...



... that make you realize you were IN FACT supposed to be born a Russian Tsarina...

(how fabulous is this??)


... and you wonder where the heavenly clerical error happened that gypped you out of your sartorial destiny.

I guess this post mainly goes out to the disgruntled women who say, "Modest clothes suck so it really doesn't matter what I wear."  Not so!  I put together just a tiny sampling of some dresses from recent seasons.  Both the slightly immodest and modest versions of very similar looks.  You'll notice the "not quite right" side (L) is still not extremely revealing, but they seem to be the clothes that cause the trouble.  Sleeveless "but otherwise ok", too low a neckline, a little too short a hemline - just barely outside our limits, the clothes we bemoan the most.  Very revealing clothing rarely makes us hide in frumpville.  We wouldn't necessarily have worn them anyway.  But the examples below show that perfect looks are right around the corner from the near misses.  Just keep looking! (And you might want to click on the image to make it larger.)  
I certainly advocate "working your clothes" to make them appropriate; slipping on a camisole, cardigan, or shrug, lengthening the hem a little, etc. But all that layering just to wear certain styles gets old.  And hot.  Sometimes it's so much simpler to make the modest choice straight of the box.  So next time you're shopping, see what options are out there that truly embrace your lifestyle decision and help you showcase your look! 


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