Dress up Drawer
Want to have some fun on this week?  Head over to The Dress-up Drawer for an amazing week of reader-favorite giveaways!  I just discovered this cute little blog and have been amazed by the wonderful giveaways from all the talented people.  From cute, to stylish, to sweet-smelling - there is something for everyone, especially the mom set!
Have fun!!  (just don't win the ones I want to!)


01/28/2010 00:08

Fun!!! I'm headed over right now!

02/01/2010 09:33

This looks great ... thanks for sharing! Thanks also for stopping by my site today and accepting the Challenge! I think it will be very fun and a good way to motivate each other.

I like your site ...With a teenage daughter in the house, you have to stay on top of fashion. It is mandatory. ;0)

02/02/2010 09:27

Stopping by from SITS today. Very cool blog! Have a great day!


I found that you've linked to my bra-fiting pages. Thanks !
For all those with questions about bras, fitting, or breasts, I'll be happy to answer them on my blog.


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