Why is it children can wear nearly anything and look fabulous? 
Adorable without even trying. 
Last month, Working Mommy held a giveaway of a Pumpkin Sack from Knotted Wear.  Pumpkin Sacks are wearable baby blankets that can go from car seat to stroller to anywhere your baby goes.  Even though my twins just transitioned to front-facing car seats (ack! choke! gasp! Where did that year go?) I still entered because the blankets are customizable and so cute and my sister-in-law is about to have a baby girl in May.
Perfect gift.  And I won!  I headed straight over to Knotted Wear's Etsy shop.
Where I spotted these.
I knew the poncho would be a big hit with my 2.5 year old, so I emailed Carlee to beg a prize swap.  No problem!  And she proceeded to be fabulously helpful and generous in the completion of the poncho.  It arrived about the same time as a cold hit our house and it snuggled Princess Peanut day, after day, after day of the cold that never ended.
I could never look this good in a poncho. 
It's super snuggly and reversible! 
(not that a 2.5 year old will cooperate and allow Mom to photograph the other side.)
And there's been much spinning and dancing in the "bootiful Sleeping Booty cape!" 
Thanks to Working Mommy and Knotted Wear for the stylish addition to her wardrobe.


02/25/2010 22:56

That is just SO adorable!!!!

02/26/2010 09:08

Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a great Friday!!!! :)

02/27/2010 09:39

what a baby you have, she is gorgeous!! and she looks great in her mini dancing cape :)
Happy Saturday Sharefest

03/02/2010 09:55

Awwww, she's adorable!! Ponchos are definitely making a comeback!

My kids dress themselves all the time and when we go out I just pray that people realize that THEY chose their own clothes, not me!!

I laughed when I saw that you call one of the girls Princess Peanut! That's what I call my daughter too!! The NICU nurses nicknamed her Peanut and we added the Princess to it because that's exactly how she acts!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog to help me celebrate 1000 followers! Hope you'll be back again soon!

03/02/2010 10:30

She looks simply fabulous!

03/02/2010 13:14

Stopping by from SITS.

That is quite a lovely poncho. Don't think I could pull it off myself, but she does a fabulous job of it. Besides, pink goes with everything. ;)

03/02/2010 13:51

Oh. My. Goodness! She is such a cutie! What a fun series of pictures. LOVE them!


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