I'm a firm believer in doling out kudos when they're deserved.  And the following round of applause and thank you is VERY well deserved.

It's no secret I'm a Shoeholic.  As I've said before, 1 dress + 14 pairs of shoes = 14 outfits. A month or so ago I spotted these shoes on the White House Black Market site
"What adorable new shoes!" I thought. But new they were not.  I'd somehow missed them in my regular perusing of that site and they were now nearing the dreaded "Sold Out" status. The site only had a size 10 available.  But it was love at first sight (they're slingbacks with a hidden platform!) and I wanted them as my reward for the next 10 pounds I had just lost. A nationwide manhunt ensued.  I naturally tried the Utah stores first. Nothing. Then, based on the salesperson's recommendations, I started calling certain other stores, arching up through Idaho, Washington, and Oregon before finally hitting pay dirt with a store in California.

Now - WH/BM does deserve a teensy thumbs down for not having integrated inventory so that the style # of the shoe could have been searched, telling me exactly where it was (or wasn't) and saving me significant phone time.

But they get a HUGE thumbs up and standing ovation for having some of the nicest, most helpful, supremely courteous staff of any store.  And that's saying a lot. 
Every. Single. Employee bent over backwards to help me find these shoes; whether it was simply suggesting the best stores to target or actually taking my number, calling the other stores in their state THEMSELVES, and calling me back.  One outlet location in Oregon or Washington called me almost 4 weeks later to say they'd found a pair in my size, just in case I hadn't had any luck yet.  The store has style, and not just on the racks.

A funny twist to the story - the first store I found who sent me the shoes actually sent me the wrong shoes.  They'd misunderstood what I was looking for and sent me these -      
Delightful in their own right and I kept them as my reward for the first 10 pounds I'd lost and hadn't yet rewarded myself for.  How could I not considering both shoes were on final sale and... drum roll please... cost only $29 each.  That's right! More than $100 less than their original price. I love a good sale.  And the price made the heroic actions of the WH/BM folks even more commendable, considering they weren't trying to score a large ticket sale.  It was a chump-change $29 sale. I'm guessing the company puts a lot of stock in training their employees to understand the value of creating happy, lifelong customers.  And considering I have a whole new wardrobe to buy this year... it was a very smart move.  


01/05/2011 12:39

OHHH I Love these shoes but the store near me sold out of them also and so did online..so jealous.great shoes!!!

02/14/2011 23:39

I want those. Where did you find them?

05/28/2012 05:03

nice footwear really looks good


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