We all know it's easy to shop for things when they are currently "trendy." You're able to find variations in many more stores and at many more price points.
With retro still having it's fabulous moment - such is the current case for mid length, calf length, below-the-knee, knee length skirts! So get 'em while they're hot and easy to find. I'm sure the mini's will be mounting a comeback attack soon.
Below are some options and style tips.
Decade-by-decade skirt - Anthropologie

1 - Know your measurements!
If you're shopping online, never assume that where the skirt hits the model in the picture is where it's going to hit you. Most models are much taller than the average woman. Check the fit description. Most sites give the actual measurements of the garment - at the very least length.

embellished skirt - Dillards

2 - Think ahead!
There are options available right now for everything from spring/summer to fall/winter and all the associated events. Check your closet. Are there items you'd like to replace or holes you'd like to fill with these skirts? Did you have "nothing to wear" to a party this last Christmas? Grab something fancy and you'll be set for next.

leather full skirt - Topshop

Just had to throw this one in because it's so very Louis Vuitton fall runway at a fraction of the cost!
I am DYING for this skirt!!

Diane von Furstenberg Marta skirt - Bloomingdales

3- Be conscious of fit!
If you're 5'1" and super petite, avoid longer skirts with too much volume as they can overwhelm your frame - making you look shorter and wider. I'm 5'6" with hips that don't hide so I like most of my longer skirts to sit higher at the waist.

Manolo Blahnik

4- No frumpy shoes!
You don't have to go high heeled with these skirts but you sure as shootin' can't go clunky-chunky-frump-a-dump! A vast offering of kitten heels is cropping up with this resurgence of lady-like proportions. A longer skirt begs for a pointed toe to keep the leg-line long.

You can find this length right now in business-ready pencil skirts, casual knit skirts, full skirts, circle skirts, tiered skirts, dresses... and so on!  To quickly find some options for this post I hit shopstyle.com and stylefind.com and searched "calf length skirts."


03/12/2011 07:58

I love the long skirt trend right now! I can't get enough of them.


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