No, this isn't a style post, but the right owners for these two items might be readers. 
I'm in spring cleaning mode and ready to purge the house of "I'll never use them again" items.  The first one is my wedding dress.
This gorgeous dress did for me exactly what I needed it to on my wedding day.  It made me look beautiful.  And a lot skinnier than I was!  I initially hunted for a flowy gown with straight lines but they were not at all flattering on my plus size frame.  And voluminous gowns just made me look like a huge cupcake.  I finally found this one and instantly knew it was right. The clean lines I wanted, the unique detail and sparkle to make it special, and just enough volume to camouflage and flatter my figure. My husband just reminded me that as we were getting our pictures taken, three other brides passed us and all commented on how gorgeous and "cool" the dress was.
You might be asking why I'm selling it instead of saving it for my three girls? 
Because I hope my daughters aren't this size when they get married.
If they are, so be it, we'll find their perfect dress.  But I still hope they don't have to battle the bulge like I did. Keeping it for years "just in case" seems like an awfully negative self-fulfilling prophecy. And I know there are plenty other plus-sized brides out there who could benefit now from the magic this dress offers.
Here are the details:
Eternity Gowns wedding dress. $400 or best offer. Unique and truly stunning.

White satin a-line dress with beaded and embroidered white sheer lace overcoat. Elbow-length sleeves. Dress looks like a two-piece but is actually one. Sheer overcoat forms the train and can be bustled for dancing. (I suggest holding it out to the side a 'la Eliza Doolittle for your first dance! It looked so beautiful!)
Small pearls along square neckline. Zipper back with button detail. Temple ready.

Used only once. Size 16 but is the perfect style to be let out or taken in.

Includes a matching beaded length of lace meant to be either a wrap or become the veil but I didn’t use it. Dress has been professionally cleaned. I will also include the BodyBeautiful corselet ($75 value). A corselet is like a corset but more comfortable and not confining. You can view the corselet at:

Unfortunately, the company no longer has an official photo of the dress on their site so I've posted a couple of pictures to show you the detail and style as best I can. Click the pics for larger images.
Feel free to come view the dress if you’re local. I'm willing to ship and the sale will be considered final.

The second item is my deliciously cute Glenna Jean Sticky Rice baby bedding. 
It's unique, it's Asian!, it won't make your nursery look like a cupcake exploded.
(I must have cupcakes on the brain.)  We're done with the baby phase of life so it needs a happy new home. It was only used with one baby and is in pristine condition. I intended to use it with all our babies but when we got the surprise that we were having twins I couldn't find a second set for less than $450. My "holy-crap-twins-are-going-to-be-expensive!" side just couldn't pay that much. So my "twin-girls-must-have-matching-bedding" side searched for months and scored really cute pink Pottery Barn sets for less than $50.
Still wish I'd had two of these, though. 
Here are the details:
Glenna Jean Sticky Rice crib bedding set. This Asian pattern has been retired and is now impossible to find for under $400. Used with only one baby and is in perfect condition.  

Gender neutral and so classic.  My set includes the bumper, crib skirt, matching brushed cotton crib sheet (slightly fuzzy and really soft!), panda mobile, blanket (that we used as decoration on a chair) and I'll throw in the cute panda stuffed animal also used as decoration (mine doesn't have a little coat like those pictured but is the same size).
Truly looks perfectly brand new. Matched our black crib set great but the multiple patterns allow it to match dark or light wood cribs as well. Probably won't look good with white cribs.

If you're interested in one of these items either comment here or send me an email by clicking the Email Me button at the top.


04/09/2011 15:40

Just in case you decide not to sell this beautiful dress...I've heard of people making their daughter's baptism dresses out of their wedding dress fabric. Just a thought!

05/07/2013 05:22

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