Our babies aren't babies anymore (sniff!). It's sad, how fast they grow up, but when they start to grow up, you can get new flooring put in! How's that, do you figure?  Well, when my husband and I bought our house, it was in the framing stage so we were able to make some tweaks and choose the flooring.  Hoping to start a family soon after purchasing it, we put carpet everywhere except the kitchen and bathrooms.  Even in the dining room.  We have a great room floor plan so the kitchen flows seamlessly to the dining room then living room.  With crawling babies we wanted as much soft flooring as possible. 
Here's how our dining room/kitchen looked until Thursday night.
vinyl kitchen floor, carpeted dining area
Now that the girls are almost 4 and 2.5, the need for soft surfaces to crawl on is no longer a necessity and we've been planning for a while to put in wood flooring.  As luck would have it, our next door neighbor owns his own wood flooring business! We had long put off getting an estimate, fearing a bid of multiple thousands of dollars that would just disappoint us and kill the dream of new floors.  But Mr. Darcy bit the bullet one day while I was out of town and was happily shocked to learn the project was well within our budget. Samples were viewed, wood was chosen and before we knew it, we were ripping up carpet...
Mr. Darcy. I love watching him work.
... and vinyl.
Then in went the beautiful new boards.
CJ and his wicked nail gun.
Here is the gorgeous new floor I came home to Friday afternoon.
Where was I? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started Friday so it was the perfect place to escape with my girls while the men did the floor.  Toddlers and tools do not mix.
I'll show you the delicious pieces I procured at the sale in the next post.  Boots are involved! For now, I'm just happy to gaze at this beautiful new floor.  Many thanks to Mr. Darcy and the Summit Flooring men!  As luck would also have it, Summit is about to launch a brand new website, so I'll share the link to that in the next post as well. The phone number is 801-592-4928.  If you live in Utah, are dying for beautiful new floors and would like an excellent referral, these guys are it!  Colton is so meticulous I swear he goes over things with toothpicks and Q-tips. Mr. Darcy is incredibly handy and loves a good home project, but when he saw all the measuring, re-measuring, and re-re-measuring to get the floor in absolutely perfectly, he was glad we hadn't tackled it ourselves.
Thanks again, Summit!


08/14/2011 00:44

That's my dream floor! I'm jealous (but so happy for you). I can't wait till I'm at the stage where it makes sense to upgrade.

P.S. Our fashion tastes are scary similar. Love the brown field boots (as we equestrians call them).

09/19/2011 10:50

Traci - I'm tellin' you, it's FATE that we "met." Imagine the fun we would have shopping together!


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