Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  We have some wonderful friends coming in to town to celebrate with us.  They used to live across the street and we miss them major.  It'll be a great day and I hope you have similarly wonderful plans.

Last year I wrote this about what I was planning on wearing and loved the wrap sweater and silky pants I chose. This year, I've chosen skinny black jeans, black riding boots, and a bright silky top (pictured below). Since we're hosting, I'll be super comfortable on my feet all day and I love the toughness of the boots mixed with the ruffles of the top. Plus, the sleeves are elbow length so they'll stay out of my way while cooking.
One of the reasons I chose the jeans is outlined in this newsletter- Holiday Help Part 1.
I wrote it for the clients we have the pleasure of health coaching and thought I would share it with you since tips for not gaining weight during the holidays are usually welcome by everyone. There's an incredibly inspiring before/after shot included.

This has been a wonderful year with so many things to be grateful for... amazing husband and three angel daughters who are my whole light and life.
...a happy and healthy year. 
...our happy home full of everything we need and so much of what we want, even though it's a little more crowded than last year (toys breed at night!)
...for our incredible trip to Seoul and wonderful parents and sister who kept my girls happy and safe.
...for the joy we find in the "regular old daily life."
...for the land of the free and home of the brave, even with our current struggles.
...for our Heavenly Father and his Son who sacrificed everything for us.
_For you, I wish a gratitude-filled day tomorrow.
May your gravy be smooth and your potatoes not lumpy.
May everything look as good as it tastes, and may you enjoy in moderation.
Over-stuffed tummies are not stylish.
May you be the perfect cool-under-pressure hostess or the guest everyone wants to invite again next year.
- Happy Thanksgiving -


07/01/2013 00:06

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09/22/2013 20:46

Happy thanksgiving to you too! That is a really nice blouse! Where did you get it?

07/22/2013 05:32

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