I could have also titled this post - Always Check The Measurements!
On the ideeli sample sale site last week were some wrap dresses.  This is the teaser dress that was pictured, the one dress shown before you clicked into the details to see the other patterns and colors available. (The front was shown, I've included the back image.)
Being a modest dresser who wants dresses at least to the knee, if I believed this image to be true to size, I wouldn't have clicked further.  It's far too short. 
But I did click in for details. Observe.
Check out the knees! 
I clipped a smidgeon of the white below the actual image to show you how much of her legs were shown.
A tremendous difference from the original teaser image.  The shoulder-to-hem measurement is actually 41 inches! Much longer than the, oh, 30" shown in the teaser shot.  I also confirmed the measurements with customer service.  For me, I would actually have this dressed hemmed up about 3 to 4 inches, depending on how it hangs, to the middle or top of my knee.

Just a reminder to the wise.  When you're shopping online, ALWAYS check the actual measurements.  I couldn't begin to tell you why they would shorten the polka dot dress so much.  Probably the sexy factor, even though the longer length is more appealing to a much wider clientele.


01/27/2012 18:20

It could also have been a total photoshop blunder! It's been known to happen :)

Good advice, nonetheless!

02/09/2012 10:48

That's true, Gina! There are Photoshop fails aplenty out there.


Whenever I have fashion events to attend to and I don't have any fashion clothes to wear on, I always relay on your blog. It never fails me because I like the way you suggest the 'mix and match' thing in fashion! :)


Being a modest dresser who wants dresses at smallest to the knee, if I accepted this image to be true to size, I wouldn't have banged farther. It's far too short.

02/17/2014 16:12

I couldn't begin to inform you why they'd shorten the pattern dress such a lot. in all probability the attractive issue, despite the fact that the longer length is additional appealing to a far wider people.

02/22/2014 13:47

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