Fight The Frump blog has been long overdue for a little freshen up.  Much like our styles, you have to breathe in some new life occasionally.  I've been grabbing a few minutes to work on it here and there. (Luckily, Weebly makes it super easy!) And the majority of updates are now live.  A few more still to come. What do you think?

Something to ponder.  Travel + Leisure magazine recently ranked Salt Lake City Utah as the second worst-dressed city in America.  That's right.  SECOND WORST!

The only city worse? Anchorage.  Where they pretty much have to live 11 months of the year in puffy coats and ski masks.

This site wouldn't exist if I didn't at least partially agree with Travel + Leisure.  Believe me, there are oodles of trends that I am very glad we Utahns don't follow, but we also have a dearth of mom jeans and other sad styles.  According to Travel + Leisure, SLC achieved the less-than flattering ranking because "...there are only so many ways to rock a polo shirt."  Personally, I think it's because of these:
And these...
I climb my coverage-tee soapbox in several posts, if you'd like to rant along.  Starting with How NOT to Wear Coverage Tees.

Let's get off this list, folks!  Can't we all step it up a notch when we're stepping out?


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07/18/2012 17:07

I will gladly share that soapbox with you. Or build my own and preach the same message.

07/18/2012 17:51

Traci - Sing it, Sister! :)

Gina - Climb on up! I'm happy to give the mike to any others who'll help fight this battle.

10/17/2012 12:15

If you are smitten by the summer dress, add a simple Shrug over instead of the T under, why have so many missed this concept? I shake my head at the attire in church. Yes, Arizona is guilty also.


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