Remember Sarah whom you met a few days ago?  In her original question to Ask Image Interpreters, she also asked the following about traveling with a baby.
Q: In your "what to pack" series, would you include a diaper bag post? I have a 5-month old right now but am also wondering how to make it "grow" with us as we travel and she gets older.
A: You wanna talk diaper bags?  I have LIVED in my diaper bag since August '07.  It has grown with me from one newborn, to an "older baby", to barely getting into one toddler before I added two more newborns. (Our first was 17 months old when our twin girls were born.)  I worried that my adorable Ju-Ju-Be bag wouldn't be able to handle the added load but it absorbed the twins' necessities like a champ! 
I'm betting every mother could write an encyclopedia's worth of information about what should and shouldn't go in a diaper bag, all based on personal preferences.  It depends so much on the type of mother you are.  Mother's range from, "If I don't have I don't need it" to "I'll have a panic attack if I don't take everything with me."  Me, I fall in the middle of those two extremes.  I like to be prepared but I don't mind leaving things out that I will probably only need in an emergency and can get at my destination.  So while you're perusing these tips, consider the kind of mother you are and how that translates into the type of traveler you want to be.  In this post I'll address serious travel with a baby, such as a vacation with an airline flight included, as opposed to just out and about for the day. 
Ju-Ju-Be / Be All
This is my diaper bag (though in a slightly different print). It's the Ju-Ju-Be messenger bag, the Be All.  Cute story about how I got this bag.  While pregnant with my first, I spent months analyzing the myriad different diaper bags available.  I finally decided that a Be All was the bag for me.  Shortly after I began the online hunt for the best price, a box arrived from my parents' oldest and dearest friends.  In it was a gorgeous white blanket she had crocheted herself (for the baby's blessing) and a Be All in a fun print I really liked. (Thanks again, Vicki!)  I was absolutely floored!  It's not like I had told anybody of my diaper bag decision.  I swear she was inspired.
You can click the pic to check out these bags but some of the features I like best are that it's easy to clean, it's durable and well-made, the changing pad is super quick to grab from the back, and organizing things is easy.  Lots of pockets!  So first, here's how I packed for traveling with one baby.
  • The diaper bag is my only carry-on.  I realize extra fees for checked luggage is a pain, but it's better than struggling with a baby, a diaper bag, AND a small roll-aboard suitcase. We're going for easy travel here, as much as possible.
  • I use my neck pouch as a mini purse.  I became and even bigger fan of my neck pouch (profiled in this Travel Tips post) after my first trip with a baby. All my travel info, ID, credit card, cash, phone, etc. fits inside and it's hanging right around my neck while I'm maneuvering through the airport with a baby. Once we're through security, I just slip it into my diaper bag.
  • Diapers & wipes: take enough to cover a delayed flight and wipeouts.  Skip the toys.  Entertainment can be found in any gift shop.  A magazine she could shred was enough for my 6-month old.  But diapers? Running out of those would be a real problem.  I pack extra diapers in our checked suitcase.
  • One bottle.  I didn't get to breastfeed my babies for very long so I always had to take enough formula to cover a delay.  I've heard from friends who breastfed their babies  longer, that taking one bottle of pumped milk made the flight much easier. I took a Hooter Hider to make feeding in public comfortable.
  • Burp cloths equal to your babies spit-up factor. None of my girls were spitter-uppers.  After about 3 months I only took one burp cloth to catch drips.  My sister-in-law however, deals with babies who have no problem spitting up everything they just ate.  Usually all over her.  Before I was married, I was seated on a flight next to the window. A mother was coming down the aisle holding a baby (maybe 9 or 10 months old) on her shoulder.  Just as she was passing our row - the baby threw up.  It completely took out the woman on the aisle seat of my row (I was blissfully spared) and the woman on the aisle directly behind her.  The mother kept walking a few more rows before she realized what had happened, then burst into tears.  Everyone rushed to help her but it was a mighty stinky flight for a while.
  • A simple change of clothes.  I dress my girls in layers just like me for a flight but I don't pack an entirely new outfit.  It's rare that every article of clothing would need to be changed so for me, the standard extra items are a onesie and Baby Legs mini legwarmers.  Super easy to pack, covers cold or warm contingencies.
  • A comfort item.  My babies have binky's that I tether to them and "Lovies", really soft mini-blankets that have little animal heads. (Ours were gifts that you can find here at Nordstrom in a brilliant 3-pack.)
  • Since I don't fly monthly with babies, I don't buy in to all the fancy schmancy rolling infant/toddler airline seats. We once had to fly with a car seat because it was easier than renting one at that particular end destination.  But if we're not renting a car, we just take our small, collapsible stroller. I use it through the airport and gate check it when we board. I pack our carrier in our luggage (we use Baby Hawks.)
  • Travel-size bottles of hand sanitizer and lotion (type that works for baby and me), lip balm, Tide Stain Stick.    
  • A thin blanket for playing on the floor or snuggling. 
After all that, a good sized diaper bag will be full but not bursting.  You'll still be able to slip in the bottle of water bought after security.  Don't worry about much stuff for you. I pack a protein bar for me (non-chocolate, since the baby will always grab for it and smear me). Other food can be purchased at the airport.  You really won't have time to entertain yourself.  If you're delayed, you can grab a magazine or book but will likely be walking to keep baby calm.
Stay tuned for the next post to cover how this list alters when baby's become toddlers or more babies are added!
And no, none of these companies has any idea I like and recommend their products.
Remember this Ask Image Interpreters - Post Pregnancy Style post?  Well Sarah sent follow-up photos!  Check out her new ensembles!!
Sarah shared a few details about the new pieces she picked up and ended her email with this, "I really appreciate your input. I had so much fun. My husband had fun watching me having fun and I look prettier for him. This has gotten me out my "funk".  aloha, Sarah"
How great is that?  Sarah - I think you look fabulous!  LOVE the new shoes! 
And you look beautiful in the jewel tones.
If there weren't an ocean in the way, I'd be squeezing the adorable chunky thighs on that sweet baby of yours!  (Is that a cute kid, or what?)  I certainly understand the post-pregnancy style funk and how good it feels to pull out of it.
I very much appreciate that Sarah sent photos to show some of the outfits she's put together.  This was a fun style question to address since it affects so many women at one point or another.  Thanks again!
That's right ladies, there is now Spanx for Men!
Now, I love my Spanx.  They can be a girls best friend.  But I find it fascinating that nearly all the slimming products for women focus on the mid to lower body (not just the Spanx line) and that slimming products for men focus on the mid to upper body.  In fact, Spanx currently doesn't offer anything for below the waist for men.  I know - compression could harm sperm production.  I get it.  But it's still interesting how the sexes view their respective "problem areas."
You may or may not have been a Spice Girl fan and you may or may not like that she never smiles on camera, but it can't be denied that Victoria Beckham has serious chops in the clothing and style department. 
And you may or may not be surprised to see that she very frequently
chooses modest outfits.
one of her own designs

I found lots of pictures of her in vampy/trashy outfits from her Girl Power days, but a fundamental shift seems to have happened as soon as she became a mother.

She upgraded to style like this... 


... and this. 

She is the antithesis of frumpy- favoring body conscious, feminine looks.  And somewhere between her sky-high heels and the tragic Crocs favored by many a dowdy mom is a happy medium attainable by all of us.

She definitely favors dresses, for which she gets a two thumbs up from me.

But she can also do jeans...


... or pants.  And do them well!


She not only dons the lovely dresses but she designs them as well.

Like these...


... and these!

She has the body to wear any skimpy, scandalous outfit out there
but chooses not to.  Credit where credit is do!