Welcome to the debut of Image Interpreters' lovely blog buttons!

Here's the code you need for button 1, above:
They're perfect for upping the style quotient of your blog.  Grab one from below or from the sidebar anytime.

Here's the code you need for button 2, above:

And please send me a link with where you pin the badge.  I'd love to know where these end up and visit your site as well!  Thanks!



01/12/2010 12:10

Hey there! I had to come by from SITS, because you used the word "Gremlin" in your post this morning... it's one of my favorite movies (strange, I know)!

Anyway, I love your site. I love all your tips, I'm having such a fun time looking around. Would you ever be interested in doing a guest post on a new blog a friend and I are launching in March?

<a href="http://confessionsfromaworkingmom.blogspot.com">Confessions From A Working Mom</a>

01/12/2010 18:15

My blog is now proudly sporting a shiny new button!

Now I just need to get myself spiffed up as much!

01/13/2010 08:56

Very nice buttons!
Came over from SITS.


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