For very fun reasons that will hopefully be revealed very soon... I blitzed to Chicago over the weekend to attend the International Home + Housewares Show.
In my life, I attended trade shows and conventions regularly but this was by far the largest I've ever visited.  More than 2000 exhibitors and over 60,000 attendees. It was massive.  Much like when Mr. Darcy and I were in Seoul, I walked by hip flexors into oblivion. It was worth it though.
At one point I came around the corner and ran into the Star Fiber booth.  I walked over and proclaimed my love for their mops and asked if they had any of the new scrubbing mop pad heads to give away.  The very nice man running their exhibit told me that if I came back on Monday, they'd have samples. So I did. But my flight home left early and their give-aways hadn't arrived yet. He took my name and address and truthfully, I didn't expect much.  I assumed it would get lost in the shuffle of the mountain of information he undoubtedly collected during the nearly 4-day convention.

Boy, was I wrong!

A big box arrived yesterday afternoon (mind you, I talked with him on Sunday) and it contained NOT the one scrubbing mop pad I was hoping for, but...
  • a new mop handle
  • a new mop head
  • TWO scrubbing mop pads
  • a heavy duty mop pad
  • 4 miracle cleaning cloths
  • 4 donut scrubbies

Kidlets always love being in the picture. Aren't they so cute?
Below is the mop head and pads.  See the blue stiff on the white pads? Those are stiff and will whisk away anything stuck to the floor.  The yellow pad is the heavy duty pad. I use it wet or dry and it's amazing. It grabs everything. My perfect cleaning solution is a mix of vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

I also learned something new about this mop I have loved for almost 6 years. See the round "buttons" on the mop head? They look like orange slices. If you come across a spot that needs more action than your basic mop stroke to remove - you step on that button and it adds the perfect amount of pressure to get it up. I missed that in the original instructions somewhere. But it makes sense that the buttons weren't just for decoration.
Below are the donut scrubbies.  These are awesome little sponges with the super duper microfiber on one side, and rougher material on the other. You can kind of see the shiny scrubbing material.  These will be well used. Oh my!
Now, you can't swing a toilet brush around without hitting some company hawking their microfiber cleaning products. I've received the odd sample now and then in the mail or at home shows. I've used them. And the only ones that remain in my house are Star Fiber.  The others lose their ability to clean after just a few washes. (And yes, I launder them properly. I don't even buy fabric softener.) They streak badly or fray at the edges or start to stink. Star Fiber never does! I bought my first mop and cloth set at the Salt Lake City home show almost 6 years ago and they are still perfect. 

This is obviously not a paid review.  Star Fiber has absolutely no idea who I am.  They are just a seriously studly company for sending me this awesome package when all I was hoping to score was a sample of the scrubbing mop pad.

Hats off to Star Fiber.  They've got class.
As you know, this blog isn't about my personal style, per se, it's about modest style in general.  As such, I don't feature my daily outfits and therefore don't have long lines of folks banging down my door to test and feature their clothes on the site.  I do get the occasional request but so far the items have never suited my style and there is no way on this good green earth I'm going to give a positive review to something I don't like and wouldn't wear.  But a while back a different request appeared in my email. I got really excited about this one because it would allow me showcase an item we would all make good use out of and from a TOTALLY unique place.  Israel!
I was contacted by Kosher Casual, an Israeli based company that makes, "Modest Clothing for the Modern Lifestyle." The company was started by an American who moved to Israel. And they have some cool stuff. They asked me to pick anything I liked (Refreshing!) and to please post a review of it.  I accepted because they have a good range of items, some unique things I've never seen before, and I'd get to introduce you to a company you've probably never heard of.

I was initially drawn to these.  Sleevies.
Think leg-warmers for your arms but in a thin stretchy material. They're 3/4 length (my favorite sleeve length) and you just slide them up under your shirts for an instant double-layered t-shirt look. (or to hide the underarm waddle many of us like to camouflage!)

They come in a ton of colors, both women and girl sizes, and are only $12.00!

There is also a Bolero-style version, where both sleeves are connected. I need to try both of them because my initial thoughts are that the bolero obviously won't slip down, where the individual Sleevies might.  But I like the easy on/off factor of the individual Sleevies, especially in the fluctuating fall & spring temps.

I'll have to give them both a try.  The bolero-style is only $16.00.

But it was summer when I had to choose, and I had shrunk out of all of my denim skirts so I was MOST excited to give their denim pencil skirts a try.  They claimed to be comfortable without a walking slit.  If you saw this post on making skirt slits modest, then you know it can be difficult for modest dressers when a pencil skirt slit comes too high up the thigh.  A-line skirts usually solve this but I like the look of a straighter denim pencil skirt better.
They were backordered for a little while but when it arrived, I was instantly pleased.  The above pic was right out of the package. A nice straight skirt! Good blue color, no "look-at-my-butt" bling all over the back pockets. And it's a nice lightweight denim with great stretch.  I like a lightweight denim pencil skirt because I don't want to feel like the Michelin man when I put on thick tights in the fall/winter. I chose the Dark Navy Denim. It also comes in Stonewash Blue and Stonewash Black. Here is me in it...
There's a hidden bonus with this skirt - an adjustable waistband! Just like you find in kids clothes.  But it's so discreet you can't even tell.  Since waist-to-hip sizes vary, this is a great addition. You'll be able to cinch it in as needed to prevent the waistband from gapping. The skirt is 24" long, so I can raise it higher on my waist (cinch in that waistband a bit) and it's knee length or let out the waistband a bit and wear it lower on my hips and longer.
Forgive the crazy contortions in the pictures.  I kept trying to show you that I can take a nice big step and the skirt doesn't restrict at all.  (Plus, you get to see the wicked cool back of my boots!) They didn't exaggerate that the skirt allows total freedom of movement without requiring a slit. I can walk, run after my girls, bend, sit, etc. It's totally comfy. My only tiny issue with the skirt that the waistline seam is not finished as nicely as the hemline seam. The waistband is an exposed serged edge where the hemline is turned under nicely.  Maybe the adjustable feature prevents that.  Don't know. Certainly not a deal breaker at only $29!!  That's right, $29 for a great denim pencil skirt that should last a good long while.

Now, I am very late getting this post live.  With visiting family, weddings and other things going on at the end of the summer, my August flew right out of my hands.  I requested and received a discount code for you all.  Since I'm late with this post, I've asked them to update the code so you can use it now.  If you'd like to get one of these skirts, or any other Kosher Casual item, just enter NOFRUMP3 to receive 10% off.

Thanks Kosher Casual for the great skirt and the opportunity to review it!