I'm a little behind on posting this week.  I got back from Bloggy Boot Camp with a laundry list of updates and tweaks I want to make to the site and have been trying to get some of those done.  But for the next several days, life will slow down around here.  There will be delicious food, quiet time at home, snow!, and lots of gratitude.

It sounds a little Pollyanna but everyone has something to be grateful for. 
As for me, I couldn't possibly be more grateful for my wonderful husband and three adorable daughters.  For our happy home full of everything we need and so much of what we want. For the extended arms of our loving families.
For the good times we have daily and even for some of the struggles. 
They refine us and make us stronger. 
And more appreciative.
For my proud-as-a-peacock-to-be-American country, and for my Germany that will always hold a huge part of my heart. For the awe-inspiring wonder that is this Earth.
For my Heavenly Father, his Son, and all that they have blessed me with.

For you, I wish a gratitude-filled day tomorrow.

May your turkeys roast perfectly and your stuffing not be dry.

May everything look as good as it tastes.

May you be a stylish and not frazzled hostess, as I addressed last year.

Or may you be the kind of guest who everyone wants to invite again next year.

And may you AVOID the insanity of Black Friday. (Mob shopping is not Stylish shopping!)



12/03/2010 20:54

Cool! My hubby also has never had a drop of alcohol. I can't say the same But I can always say no to peer pressure :-)

12/22/2010 11:33

These drinks look/sound SO good! I'm gonna have to try to make some.

And yay, for no alcohol!


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