Whew! It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks but life is finally calming down again. A bit. Maybe I'm hallucinating.  Either way, it annoys me when I don't get a chance to create and publish all the posts for this site that I would like to on a regular basis.  But thankfully the breaks are few and far between.
In the coming weeks I have a lot of great stuff planned for you.  My first ever "paid" review from a REALLY unique place. (They didn't pay me, they just asked if I'd like to try anything out and review it. I agreed and really like what I chose.) A couple of new "Ask Image Interpreters" posts. A great one for the men included! And lots of fantastic fall fashion as we approach another Season for Clothes.

For this happy Monday I'm presenting a Modest Moment from the mother of all supermodels - Cindy Crawford.
She's busy in a miriad non-supermodel ways nowadays so current pictures of her don't crop up that often but goodness, the woman knows how to dress in a flattering way.
Love the bright top and white jeans.

I know she's in mid sentence below, but I loved the shades of gray and silver outfit.
Casual but not schlumpy. And it doesn't look like she's trying too hard, unlike some celebrity moms out there who can't seem to master "mom on the go."  Cindy nails it in both shots with flattering jeans, simple-but-not-boring tops, and interesting shoes.
There's a lesson to be learned here!


08/22/2011 23:27

I love these pictures...Cindy Crawford is so classy! Great choice!

Hope you're doing well doll!



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