The Prince and his new bride have been touring our side of the world.  The ever elegant and simple Kate has, in my humble opinion, been making some great choices. Let's look.
Reiss Nannette dress, Anya Hindmarch fan clutch
Issa London dress, Queen Elisabeth II’s Maple Leaf Brooch
There have been many different types of events on their tour, from casual to dressy to ceremonial. Every look I've seen pictures of so far has shown a modest hemline to the knee, and sleeves. Brava, Princess!!
J Brand skinny jeans. Don't know the labels for the blazer, blouse or wedges.
Erdem lace sheath dress
I've seen how this Erdem lace sheath dress looked on the runway, she had more lining added for more coverage. No doubt about it, this woman knows the power of a tailor.
Erdem sheath dress
I'm just showing one picture of each look, but there are tons of shots out there. The lace shoulders on the dress above are filled in for coverage.
Alexander McQueen sweater dress paired with Prada pumps
This sailor sweater dress is BY FAR my favorite.  Oh, how I drool.  If I had the cash, I would get this in a heartbeat. Dang you, McQueen for sticking at a price point beyond my reach.
Catherine Walker dress, Hobbs clutch, Tabitha Simmons heels
Some fashion critics have ragged on her for being too modest. (We get that all the time, don't we?) They equate modest with boring.  They say she's dressing too "safe."  "With a figure like hers we should be seeing more skin!"  I say, "PLUG YOUR EARS, PRINCESS!" You keep fighting the good fight.  She knows what fits her body and looks good on her.  As I've said before, she's not out to shock anyone or push any envelopes just for the sake of rebellion.  She's very respectful of her title and position in the world and I absolutely applaud her.  Prince William, however, could try a suit color other than navy.


07/11/2011 11:01

I love kate's look! I would wear almost everything she does. Her gala dress is my favorite. Check out for more outfit details. It's a great blog.

Wills wears way too many navy suits with red or maroon ties!


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