We had the biggest microburst hail and rain storm I've ever seen here Monday night.  It tried to take over our driveway and destroy our basement.  Actually, it tried to do that to several houses in our neighborhood where the storm drains simply couldn't keep up. 
So I'm very behind on things I would like to post.  I still have a ton of clean up work to do, but need a little break.  So today, let's check out more of Kate's awesome outfits from the  her trip to our side of the pond. For the first post of her looks, click here.
Catherine Walker dress and coat
Love this! I fell in love with coats-matching-dresses in Doris Day movies.
Alice Temperley blouse
The girl's gone country! I sometimes chuckle when Europeans try western, but they both actually did alright! William finally doffed his blue suit.
Issa dress LK Bennett wedges
Jenny Packham dress
There has been MUCH hoopla made over Kate's use of sheer stockings (nylons, pantyhose, whatever your generation chose to call them.) While there appear to be certain standards for royal dressing that she is adhering to, I think she mainly just wants nice looking legs without the fake tan orange glow. Her sister Pippa is also wearing them a ton and it has sparked a MASSIVE upsurge in sheer stocking sales. I don't often think to wear them in summer but I have a pair of Donna Karan's that are exquisitely sheer, never sag around the ankles or knees, and make my legs look great. Plus, they're slightly control top so they help my hip area as well. Bonus.

A note of warning if you're going to wear them.
These are NOT tan colored stockings. They should be sheer in a color that exactly matches YOUR skin tone. You're simply trying to make your legs look smooth and even-toned.  You are NOT using the stockings to simulate a tan.
Diane von Furstenberg dress
And finally, a lovely DVF dress. I swear, is there anyone that von Furstenberg dresses don't look great on? Double love the sleeve length on this dress.


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Love her simple style


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