Oh my goodness, dear readers! I am going on a week of battling the most unrelenting, energy-sapping, brain-fogging, I-didn't-know-a-person-could-be-this-congested, lung-hacking, miserable, please-just-give-me-a-new-head, cold!

I hope to finally kick it this weekend and be back to my old self next week.  For now, please enjoy this quick shot of the newly married royals hosting the Obamas.
William & Catherine host the President & First Lady
I LOVE the simple dress Catherine chose.  She looks appropriate, classy, and understated.  She smartly chose something that would not compete for top-billing, no matter what Mrs. Obama chose to wear. 
Can't see the front, but the spring frock and cute jacket are nice on Michelle.


06/03/2011 17:22

Here's an article with all of her outfits from the UK tour (One of the pictures has the front of the dress). I like her style for the most part. Definitely a classy lady (first lady, that is). :)

06/12/2011 18:19

I finally started blog hopping again, so I am now going to be frequenting your site! That dress on Catherine is quite fabulous. I really love it. And Michelle's looks like it was really great as well. I hope women find this kind of classy modesty inspiring, because look how amazing you can look!

06/13/2011 13:01

Thanks, Kelsey!! I like the dress/long top coat looks she sported.

Ditto that, Rachel! Classy doesn't have to be boring!


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