A few housekeeping items:
1. I'm still hoping the perfect buyer(s) comes along for the wedding dress and crib bedding (see previous post).
2. My L.L. Bean items arrived and are great! I'll profile them later this week.

Before I launch into a study of more spring styles, I'd like to start this week with a little inspiration to dress better. The main goal of this site, as evidenced by it's name, is to interpret what is out there by way of fashion and translate it into real style for real women, most specifically modest dressers.  But I subtitled the blog section "Fight The Frump" to serve as a reminder that frumpy is never stylish.
As further inspiration this lovely Monday, I am showcasing one of my favorite ad campaigns: Piperlime's "Let's Get Dressed" series. Enjoy!
I believe the sweats ad above and "OK, IT'S TIME" ad below were the first to hit the streets. Apparently some women were not happy about being called out, publishing blog posts along the lines of, "Forget you. I love my sweats!" I for one, sat up and took notice.  These ads hit at a time that I was getting really tired of my really casual baby-mommy wardrobe. 
As with the Dockers ad for the men, this ad really resonated with me. It IS time to dress like we respect ourselves and our fellow humans. To embrace the joy that is looking chic; whether you're dressed to the 9's or simply dressed for the park. To remember we're worth the effort and it is absolutely true "you get what you dress for."
I so love the line, "It's time to give up lazy dressing altogether because it's time to LOOK FABULOUS again." Hear! Hear!
And I'd like to make one small edit.  "Let's put Saturday-night effort into Sunday Best!"
How about, "Let's try harder than modesty t-shirts!"
I own a hoodie. It's packed in my 72-hour emergency kit with our camping gear.
I told you! Shoes make the outfit!
Review this post if your actual heels & feet need help.
I hope you heed all this good advice.
I often hear the excuse, "It takes too much effort to create actual outfits."
Baloney! It takes less actual physical effort to put on a dress than to pull on sweat pants and a t-shirt. And it takes the same effort to pull on a skirt and shirt. 10 seconds to grab a couple accessories and put them on. Next excuse?

"Why bother? I just stay home with the kids."
Bother for YOU.  Bother for your kids who will remember what you were like growing up.  Bother for your husband who will come home at some point that afternoon and see you. You're worth the effort. You're worth the fun that clothing and accessories can be.

"My friends will think I'm weird."
Why? You're not naked at the park. What will most likely happen is half of them will think and acknowledge that you look great. The other half will be jealous. Either way, you'll inspire someone to dress better. Good style, just like a smile and happiness, is contagious. Infect everyone you know!


04/11/2011 18:13

A hearty AMEN! I am 100% in favor of a more purposeful way of dressing out of respect for myself and others.

04/11/2011 22:11

I REALLY loved this post. I think I'll go put my hoody back in my drawer...

04/13/2011 11:35

Annette - That's a great way of putting it! "A purposeful way of dressing."

Becky - Thanks! What did you choose instead of the hoodie?

06/30/2011 00:26

oh thank you for being so brutally honest :)
I made a promise to shop for myself on our vacation (in a few days) so i can look and feel pretty, so i can make my friends love my clothes/shoes, so i can make my husband enjoy coming home to a real woman and not a mess because i stay home with the kids. 14 years is a long time to go with out caring how i looked. it is time!
so thank you again for this awesome post :)

06/30/2011 17:04

Tracy - Many thanks for your comments and sharing your enthusiasm! I'd love to hear what you got yourself and how you felt wearing it. A few good outfits in regular rotation can erase 14 years in a blink!


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