In preparing this post I discovered that I forgot to let you know that my husband and I were going to be celebrating our 6th anniversary by taking a trip to Seoul, Korea!
Hence, the absence of the last several weeks in preparing for the trip, taking the trip, regrouping after the trip.  It was absolutely incredible and our first real vacation since spending Christmas in Germany the first year we were married. 

I've never been west of Hawaii, so Asia was like nothing I've ever experienced. Here's a little taste for you...
Adorable Korean school kids on a field trip wearing traditional outfits- hanbok.
Old traditional street (gorgeous restored homes!) with the new city rising in the background. The tower you see way back right in the middle is Namsang tower.
Part of Seoul stretching out from the top of that Namsang Tower I mentioned.
Just on small section of market area Myongdong that really gets hopping at night. This is early evening and NOT busy.
Now that I'm back in the saddle I have more fabulous Seoul pictures and tidbits for you, as well as the pictures from the circle skirt sew along I mentioned before I left. (It turned out so great!)  The next part in our Defrumping Your Man series that I didn't get finished before I left and other holiday-related info. Hope you had a great Halloween!


01/23/2012 12:33

Korea is an undiscovered treasure trove...looks like a fun trip! Looking forward to the next bit of advice in the Man Series.

08/10/2012 06:33

Korea is absolutely a wonderful tourist destination. I think this incredible Asian country has not been explored so far by many tourists.The Namsang tower is real do not feel any regret visiting this beautiful south Asian country.


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