Some Overlord Trend Decision Maker somewhere decided this fall to say, let's take a peek into Mrs. Darcy's closet and come up with a few things she will love. 
And can style with what she already has in her wardrobe! It's thrilling!

Now, I'm not a trend tramp. Being a slave to current trends means you'll spend tons of money on new clothes every season and you'll wind up looking like a fashion victim. (like so many tv/movie stars nowadays!) I like dressing classically (aka timelessly), with a little retro and a little modern thrown into the mix.  But staying at least a bit knowledgeable about the current trends helps you look current. Current does not have to equal trendy.  You'll get ideas of how to freshly style your existing pieces and you might find something you love and want to wear forever.  For example, I really like wearing all white (with colored shoes!) and that was a big trend this past spring and summer.  So while items were "on trend" and readily available, I picked up a new skirt. And I really liked the clear crystal accessories that were paired with the white and could be found EVERYWHERE. 
I'll be able to use what I found with oodles of outfits in the future. 

One of the big trends this fall is camel.  Not beige.  Not cream. Camel.  The lovely, warm shade of camel happens to be a favorite of mine.  It goes well with my skin and hair color and it is the main paint color in my house.  Here are the camel items I have in my closet and will be styling this fall. I bought them all AGES ago.
(Funnily enough, almost everything I have in this color is meant for cooler temps.
Fall and camel must be natural soul mates.)
L-R: Gap capris. These have hand-painted flowers at the ankles but I think they'll work well tucked into boots.  Loft embroidered suede skirt (I adore this skirt and I'm in denial that it's too big for me. I MUST find someone who can tailor down suede!). Halogen long sweater coat (this is a nice thin knit. I dislike chunky knits.)
Gap cords. (Had to take them off to include them in the pic. Don't be scandalized that I was photographing in my skivvies!) Live A Little/Nordstrom suede jacket, Nine West high heeled stretch boots, Ann Taylor kitten heels (in serious need of a polish!)
don't know why this turned out so green tinged!!
I like the color so much I bought all four pieces of this suit at Nordstrom; blazer, pencil skirt, trousers, long coat. It's a wonderful stretch wool blend that can be worn any season.
Benard Holtzman long wool coat (snagged for a steal at Off Fifth one year!), Ann Taylor sling backs, Michael Kors fringed espadrille flats.
And finally this long skirt. It's by Single (from Nordstrom) and while I'm not normally a fan of long skirts, I couldn't pass up the gorgeous silk print. I think I've worn it twice. Ever.
But I fit into it again so I'm going to figure out how to style it.
What I love to pair with camel: It's a neutral so it goes with essentially everything! For a date night I like pairing it with all black. Think Rene Russo in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair several years ago; black top, bottoms & shoes so that the coat really stands out. It looks fantastic with light blue.  And pink. Red. Navy. Cream. Burgundy!

New styles I'll try: pairing it with a dark heather gray (really nice combo I saw from Ralph Lauren.), olive green (I have a silk top in this color that I think will look great!), or I may wear camel from head to toe (as seen in a Chloe ad) and channel the minimalism trend that's also on deck this season.

So what are your thoughts? Do you love the color? Hate it? Want to embrace it now that it's "trendy?" (Trust me, camel is never "out.")



09/15/2010 08:58

I love camel as a color, and I've seen some beautiful camel pieces. However, it's such a warm color and I have such cool skin tones that I feel like it makes me look dead.

09/15/2010 23:55

I definitely love a good camel coat a la Dries Van Noten.

09/16/2010 09:58

I am new here! Just wanted to say hi :)
Shauna from

12/24/2010 02:29

Fashion Conscious: Only 5% still want their man to be a hip fashion conscious "metrosexual" male

12/27/2010 01:09

What successes are contained in the failure?


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