Elaine's comment on my previous post reminded me that I hadn't yet posted a picture of the FANTABULOUS dress I won through a contest she had on her blog.  She's an adorable college student whose blog is great for image inspiration! Find her HERE and on our Image Inspiration page.  I like how she makes simple pieces not boring.
A few months ago she ran a contest to give away this dress from Shabby Apple.  I had never heard of Shabby Apple but I immediately loved the dress and scrambled to complete all the various options she had for entering.  And I won! 

Isn't this dress delicious!?  It's so... Mad Men.  So... 60's Sexy Secretary.  Just the right mix of sweet with a wink, you know?  And depending on how edgy or dressy I want to take the dress, I have 3 pair of shoes that will work perfectly.  

When choosing what size I wanted the dress in, the Shabby Apple website said that the dress was sized "generously", and as I've mentioned before, I'm on a quest to get in shape so I sized down.  It's a little small as yet, but rather than exchange it (they have a great exchange policy!) I kept this size.  It's my Reward Dress.  I love it so much I want to be able to wear it for a long time.  And I like having it smiling at me in the front of my closet.  Cheering me on. 

So stay tuned!  I will soon post a picture of me wearing it instead of the dress rack! Please visit Shabby Apple.  You can find them HERE on The Shopping Section.  They have wonderful, modest dresses without the frumpy shapes that so often disguise themselves as modest.



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