In my Stylish Renovation post two days ago I shared the amazing beautifulness that is my new wood floor.  Sigh.  We wake up every day, see the floor and say, "That is a DANG good lookin' floor!" We love it.  Each night this week we've said, "Goodnight, beautiful floor."
As you read in that post, I escaped to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale with my girls.  Mr. Darcy and I couldn't decide whose job would be harder; helping put in a new floor or wrangling three toddlers in a crowded department store.  In the end, the Summit men were so efficient my husband mostly watched the floor materialize before his eyes so the harder job was mine. That's what Chupa-Chups sent from Grandpa are for!
Before I show you what the sale brought us, I must give you a little back story. When we saw the movie Inception, Mr. Darcy and I kept saying, "That's a great shirt!" any time Tom Hardy (Eames) appeared on screen. They just had a little somethin' somethin' and I've been on a major hunt for Eames-like shirts ever since.

I found about 10 but took my favorite 2.

Zagiri dark brown shirt with really cool side paneling.  This fits much more trimly than shown on this model, which is good.


Thomas Dean Stripe shirt.  This is much more vibrant than the picture shows. It has a really great mix of oranges, blues and grays.

As for me, I beelined straight for the boots.  As I mentioned last fall in The Boots Zip, a whole new world of shoes opened up to me with my weight loss.  My now trim calves have found utopia in a world I could only watch from the sidelines in the past.  I alternated between the two pair of boots I bought last year nearly every day of fall, winter and spring. I've added two darlings to the family.  
Cole Haan "Jalisa" black dress boots. 
Black dress boots were at the top of my list. I love that these do not have a leather wrapped heel, which gets destroyed so easily. I've put them on 10 times since last Friday.
Vince Camuto "Bilco" over-the-knee boot in this gorgeous brandy color.
The sales guy said, "Look, you can fold them down too." No way! I love them at their full height. They hit right at the middle of my knee cap so there's no Puss-in-Boots vibe. These boots fit so great around the ankle. My size had to be shipped to me and they arrived an hour ago. I'm  wearing them right now. They're awesome. They have three rows of mini studs up the back that you can see in this picture of the Coal color. 
Next on the shopping list is two new pair of skinny jeans to tuck into these lovelies. I shrunk out of the ones I bought last year. I knew I would; they were only an interim size so I had grabbed a pair on sale at Old Navy. Turned out to be hud. Stretched out the instant I bent my knees. Looking back now, I wore them so often and was so infuriated by them, I'd have been much better off investing a little more in higher quality.

It's mopping day. I get to give my new floor some love. And the girls have a couple friends coming over so I better take my boots off before my feet start sweating.  Sigh.  I'm sure I'll wake up every day, see the boots and say, "Those are DANG good lookin' boots!" Each night I'll say, "Goodnight, beautiful boots." Or maybe I'll just go ahead and wear them to do the mopping. They sound so fierce on my new floor.


07/24/2011 03:28

Thanks for the men's fashion tidbit. More advice would be welcome!

I'll ask my wife what she thinks after finishing my ED stint. Thankfully its a slow night...

08/02/2011 11:57

I'm in love with those brown boots!!

susan Angelopoulos
12/05/2011 23:35

I am lusting over the bilco cole color boot ~ Vince Camuto. Nordstroms is out, out,out!! Can someone please help me find a size 8! Somewhere???


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