Hi ho! Chief Frump Fighter here, reporting to you from the land of "CL" - as in My Closet! Back today with another scintillating piece on how I personally am styling the fall trends. Here's my report on the Camel-color Trend.   Today, we're talking about full skirts!
Isn't it interesting how financial difficulties always seem to turn the styles back to classic, feminine silhouettes?  It makes sense.  When people are really watching where their pennies are going they naturally want to invest in timeless pieces that they'll get a lot of use out of. 
That, and the fact that Mad Men has put every designer and every consumer in a retro mood!!  And while I was born in the correct technological era, I definitely missed the correct fashion era by about 50 years. I love me some 40's and 50's fashion.
So... bring on the skirts!! 
Full- and pencil skirts are ultra current right now, though for the modest dresser I don't think either ever goes out of style. 
Displayed in all their glory on my cushy chair-and-a-half I present - my skirts.
Nearly all were bought ages ago.  Some are more full than others.  In the back from L-R is the more springy set, although I really like a white/pastel skirt with black boots in winter.
  • Talbots pink/white striped seersucker wrap with lovely floral embroidery
  • Ecolissimo wrap I scored at a street fair in Park City a month or two ago
  • Tribu floral
  • United Colors of Benetton with inverted pleats and beaded waistband. (This is the first white skirt I ever bought. I had been on the hunt for years for "the perfect white skirt" and finally found it in a Benetton in Poland while vacationing there with my family.)
In the middle L-R are -
  • Ann Taylor Loft floral. With the black accents around the flowers this looks great with my black boots and black fitted cardigan.
  • Max & Co.floral wrap skirt. It looks like a strapless dress in this pic but it has these really cool long laces that wrap around the waist numerous times. It's really full and I love the wide waistband.
  • Anne Klein polka-dot skirt that my mom shrunk out of and I quickly stole. It is super light cotton voile and has a black lining underneath.  I love pairing this with a black top and red heels or a red top and black heels.
In the foreground L-R are -
  • White House/Black Market embroidered and sequined. This skirt always makes me want to dance. I was wearing this skirt the first time my future-husband and I sat next to each other at church.
  • Carmen Marc Valvo STUNNING ivory pleated piece of beautiful. Another steal from my mom and she scored it Saks Off Fifth. She's a smart woman and bought two - one in a smaller size that she shrunk into. Heaven bless that store. I'm just a few more workouts away from fitting into this skirt and I'm drooling over the outfits to come!
  • Sunny Taylor black embroidered that is impossible to see in the picture. The applique is very "Eastern European" to me, which also makes it fit nicely with the "global" trend going on right now.  I think that's a stupid name for a trend but essentially it means incorporating some element of fashion from a different part of the world than you live.  I won't be sporting a full kimono but an obi belt is definitely on my list to buy or DIY.  Probably a version in leather. And I will be pulling out my gorgeous German Christmas dress again this year.  It weighs a ton but it's so fun!
  • And not pictured is the embroidered suede skirt from the last Styling the Fall Trends post.
I also plan on sewing a circle skirt or two. I have some fabric I love and am hoping it will be enough for one.  The extremely talented seamstress Casey put up a vintage pattern on on her site after making this skirt.  And the always talented Dana posted a modern version tutorial with an easy elastic waistband.  I'll be trying both! Maybe the vintage version in a heavier houndstooth for fall/winter and the elastic waist version in something light and swirly for spring/summer.
Lest I forget - and speaking of retro - this little dilly of a dress found it's way to me a couple of weeks ago.  Sigh! How's that for a full skirt?  I won the Flour Clothing giveaway from Cardigan Empire and I don't think a faster order was ever placed. I just need to tweak my crinoline a bit, find the perfect yellow belt and I'm in business!
Although my navy blue wide military belt will also add a nice edge to such a dainty, girly dress.  We'll have to see!

We'll look at some designer takes on the full skirt tomorrow.  In the mean time, I'd love to know what you think of them?  Are they can't-live-without-ems in your wardrobe or can't-ever-see-myself-in-ems?


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