Hello friends, fans, lurkers and looky-loos!
It's been... well, it's been a little while since my Thanksgiving post.  I hope everyone had a wonderfully Merry Christmas (We did! Traveled to AZ and the girls did pretty well.), a happy and fun New Year celebration (Thanks to good friends of ours we rocked a living room strobe light dance party!), and is enjoying the new year so far.

I took a little break from blogging so my husband and I could concentrate on a project we've been working on.  I'm so excited to announce it soon! Pins & needles, people. It's seriously awesome.  Until then, however, I have a lot to catch up on.  I went back through my zillion nearly-finished blog posts, and decided to just start somewhere. 

In October I posted about the Circle Skirt Sew-along I participated in.  But I never got around to sharing the actual shots of my skirt.  So that's where my post-holiday return to blogging begins.

Behold - my first circle skirt!

I have adored the retro silhouette of a circle skirt for as long as I can remember. But it wasn't until I lost some serious girth that I could pull it off.  Above, I'm showing it with my red patent leather Brian Atwood peep toes that were my -20 pound reward.

I wanted a winter weight skirt, since it was turning into chilly fall when I made the skirt. I chose a wool-blend houndstooth and it is SERIOUSLY hefty.  It was easy to sew though, because it's not a dense weave, just heavy material, if that makes sense.

As you can see below, the material is reversible, so I used the white "teeth" for the waistband and the black "teeth" for the body of the skirt.
It's perfect with my black dress boots.
It spins and swishes so lover-ly!
All these photos were taken without the petticoat underneath, because it wasn't complete.
If you want to make your own, you can follow the tutorial I linked to above.  I used several techniques I never had before; a lapped zipper, (my first zipper at all!), an overlapping waistband, and horsehair braid to shape the hem.
I already have material for several more spring/summer skirts. I foresee that lighter material being loads easier to work with but this was still totally worth it.


01/20/2012 10:06

It highlights that itty-bitty waist just perfectly! And the shoes. THE SHOES!

02/26/2014 07:05

You are 100% correct...

01/20/2012 10:16

So adorable!!! I am jealous. :) You look fabulous girl!! So proud of you! So talented... I sewed a bow back on a baby blanket for Tenley once. ;)

01/21/2012 10:28

You did a great job. You and the skirt look fabulous. It tempts me to try one, but I do not have a great waistline. I think it would end up looking frumpy on me.

01/21/2012 15:01

It's beautiful! Well done! I noticed that you have a cardigan for a top. What other tops would go well with that? And do you think that would look good on any body type? I have a short waist. I think you've inspired me to learn to sew.

01/23/2012 09:24

Adorable! I love the circle skirt too, but I haven't sewn anything for myself in years. Maybe it's time...

01/24/2012 09:12

I love circle skirts! I have one in one of my "smaller size" bins...I'd forgotten about that until now! I am a huge fan of the circle skirt silhouette as well. And yes, the shoes are way fab. Good job on your sewing project...I remember seeing you wearing this one day at church and I didn't even think to ask if you had made it, I assumed you had bought it because it looks so professionally made. Yay you!

10/26/2012 21:28

Beautiful job. So perfect with the red heels. The top could be playful lemon yellow or a tone on tone pink or red. Such a versatile skirt. Think I'll make one this fall. You have inspired me.

10/18/2013 11:18

Some really stylish dresses, although that's not my area of expertise.

03/04/2014 10:46

A person would a great employment. A person along with the sweater appear fantastic. The item tempts everyone to test one particular, yet I don't have a great abdominals. I'm sure it could turn out searching frumpy with everyone.


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